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WATAMATE | Water Accessories | Combo Packs


Water is life. Access to clean potable drinking water is a pipe-dream for millions across the globe. Waterborne diseases are causing catastrophic health impacts in developing nations. Vagaries in rainfall and climate change are adding to this woe. WATAMATE has its firm roots in the philosophy ‘Every drop is precious’. WATAMATE is a start-up in the area of water management solutions aiming at environmental sustainability and social consciousness. Our motto is to solve the human need for water in a simplistic way with design thinking.

Can you imagine a life without water,obviously not even for a day, right ?

It is of paramount importance to stay hydrated year-round for proper functioning of body cells and healthy radiant skin. If you are bewildered where to get your stylish and functional water related accessories then WATAMATE is your one stop destination. As the name sounds, they are providing all you want from containers, dispensers, filters and so much more. The best part is that most of these products are available at the best discount prices.

Watamate’s combo sale is a double delight for all those looking for innovative yet highly useful products.

Some of Watamate’s bestsellers include

Watamate Blak+, Wireless Automatic Water Dispenser

Watamate Softo S4, Washing Machine Filter for Hard Water

Watamate Activ+, Bathroom Shower and Tap Filter With For Hard Water with Shower Head

Their combo sale products are pocket savers and highly suitable for all those looking for chic, stylish and high quality functional products.

Copper water bottles,Watamate Innowater- Automatic Touchless Water Saving Faucet with IMX Microchip Sensor are the need of the hour in this pandemic world where building immunity and having no contact appliances will help to control the spread of the virus.

Watamate’s Water Bottle with Advanced Leak Proof Protection will help to carry it without any spillage during excursion.

Isn't it always nice to flavor up water with your favorite fruits and sip in between your hectic schedule! Load your body with water rich fruits like melons, cucumbers with

Watamates’s Infuzio - G Fruit Infuser Glass Water Bottle has a separate fruit compartment or built-in filter added to a standard water bottle lets you add your choice of fresh fruit for a naturally refreshing taste.

With combo offers at discounted prices, one can avail additional 5% off on any two products and no shipping charges. What more you are expecting will be my next question. Before answering it all these can go stockout, Go grab them !


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