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Virinchi Circle, Rd No 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

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We, from Virinchi Hospitals, are pleased to introduce a model of healthcare, under the concept of “Right to Science” (RTS) which envisages the vision that every Indian citizen should have the Right to access available medical science, to at least save his or her life and live young & healthy.

The centre of this RTS concept is the new 600-bed super-specialty hospital built on the pillars of Science, Infrastructure, Processes, People & Technology. The hospital has the ability to diagnose and treat every known disorder of the human body to the extent current medical science provides for, with evidence.

Medical science has grown by leaps and bounds in a multitude of directions, more so, in the last decade. From continuous telemetry for cardiac patients to adoptive immunity for cancer patients, from organ regeneration for liver patients to gene editing for thalassemia patients, from robotic surgeries for inaccessible interventions to gene based personalized medicine, from single beat CT scan to 3T functional MRI, from genome & epigenome based big-data diagnosis to machine-learning based patient similarity patterns, from full life medical event book-keeping on smartphones to smart wearables – the remarkable accomplishments of science are redefining our belief of life expectancy. It will not be a hyperbole to say that in our lifetime, we may be only aging numerically without having any physical or physiological relevance to it.

Unfortunately, even today, most of these scientific advancements remain inaccessible to us Indians for multiple reasons, affordability not being one. We believe that our big data based personalized health care model that captures individual’s genome, epigenome, symptoms, biomarkers, radio markers, allergies, pathology & drug exposure to deliver personalized diagnosis and therapy is the true meaning of enjoying Right to Science, for healthy, youthful & extended life.

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