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All about vostro – Who we are and what we want to achieve.
A rendezvous with a shoe shopper

There are many people who admire shoe. They often search for well-paired shoes which can be matched with a different kind of clothing. Like thousands of shoe fanatics, Rahul too has a sheer passion for unique renditions as well as classic models of shoes. Instead of standing in the long queues of the physical stores and buying a certain pair of shoe from a limited choice, he buys online. Online shopping of shoes provides him with a much swift and hassle-free service. Plus, he gets to select a pair of shoes from various models present in the virtual racks of the online stores. For such benefits, Rahul opts for the online shopping of shoes instead of its conventional counterpart. Not only Rahul, gradually more and more people are following the same trend.

Why care about your shoes?

People do notice a man’s shoes. Shoes are a visual endpoint, separate from the rest of the clothing. It, therefore, receives a disproportionate amount of attention. No matter how gorgeous you dress looks, you are never going to feel comfortable and confident without the right pair of shoes. Such is the importance of shoes in the entire appearance. Hence, caring about such an important item is an absolute necessity.

Who we are: An introduction to our work in e-commerce matrix.

‘Vostro’, which is an Italian term meaning ‘for you’ is designed specifically for today’s youth. Just like the youths of today, we are bold, strong and unfaltering. The unique designs of the shoes are selected with the issue of comfort in mind; our designs are cool and very much trendy with a slight flavour of carefree attitude (just like today’s teens). Our designs are made in such a way as to provide agility and ease for all. We strive for a universal appeal and know no boundaries.

Our mission.

Vostro’s mission is to provide bold, comfortable and adorable footwear to the youth of today. In Vostro, we only use the best materials; grained leathers, high peel synthetics, virgin rubber and knitted textile to create distinctive products.

Our designers continually innovate according to the latest trends while sticking to the strict standards of quality. We understand the importance of the right shoe in enhancing your confidence and work for developing sleeker designs that can go well with your attire. Just like its meaning, Vostro is designed for you – a reason it can be called ‘the shoe for everyone’.

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